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Staff Directory

Listing by department:

Facility Director                                            Sharon Bonaventura

Business Support Operations Director              David Cole

        Materials Manager                                        David Ray

        Warehouse Superintendent                     Ricky Brightwell      

Clinical Services Director                                 Kevin Mclaren

Coordinator for Community & Social Services   Denise Forbes

Facility Support Operations Director                Ronnie Woodall

           Food Operations Manager                    Shelby Dye

          Housekeeping Manager                        Chris Gunter

          Physical Plant Services Manager            Richard Hall

Person Centered Support Director                    Dr. Judy Goding, Ed.D

Health Information Manager                           Helen Hardy, RHIT

Human Resource Director                               Beverly Webb

Human Rights Advocate                                 Beth Lee 

Information Technology Director                    John Allen MCSE, CCNA, CNA

Medical Director                                            Dr. Balraj Bawa, MD

Nurse Managers 

        ICF-MR                                                Deborah Maddox, RN

        Infection Control Practitioner                  Beth Dooley

       Skilled Nursing & Acute Care                  Beth Franklin, RN

Security Lead Officer                                     Tyrell Farmer

Policy & Project Management Director             Dr. Carolyn Robinson, Ed.D

Quality Management Director                         Mike Bryant

Training Manager                                         Gary Anthony

Volunteer and Pastoral Services                          Calvin Staton



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(all phone numbers are in area code 434)





Allen, John 434-947-2020 434-947-2869 john.allen@dbhds.virginia.gov
Anthony, Gary 434-947-2020 434-947-2135 gary.anthony@dbhds.virginia.gov
Bawa, Dr. Balraj 434-947-6320 434-947-2869 balraj.bawa@dbhds.virginia.gov
Bonaventura, Sharon 434-947-6137 434-947-2140 sharon.bonaventura@dbhds.virginia.gov
Brightwell, Ricky 434-947-6245 434-947-2112 ricky.brightwell@dbhds.virginia.gov
Bryant, Mike 434-947-6232 434-947-6274 david.bryant@dbhds.virginia.gov
Cole, David 434-947-6206 434-947-2869 david.cole@dbhds.virginia.gov
Dye, Shelby 434-947-6552 434-947-2531 shelby.dye@dbhds.virginia.gov
Farmer, Tyrell 434-947-6552 434-947-2869 tyrell.farmer@dbhds.virginia.gov
Forbes, Denise 434-947-6220 434-947-2989 denise.forbes@dbhds.virginia.gov
Franklin, Beth 434-947-6316 434-947-6274 beth.franklin@dbhds.virginia.gov
Goding, Judy 434-947-6316 434-947-2989 judy.goding@dbhds.virginia.gov
Gunter,Chris 434-947-6259 434-947-2869 chris.gunter@dbhds.virginia.gov
Hall, Richard 434-947-2254 434-947-2254 richard.hall@dbhds.virginia.gov
Hardy, Helen 434-947-6337 434-947-2366 helen.hardy@dbhds.virginia.gov
Lee, Beth 434-947-6230 434-947-6274 beth.lee@dbhds.virginia.gov
Mclaren, Kevin 434-947-6823 434-947-2580 kevin.mclaren@dbhds.virginia.gov
Maddox, Deborah 434-947-2361 434-947-6274 deborah.maddox@dbhds.virginia.gov
Beth Dooley 434-947-6823 434-947-6274 gloria.ragland@dbhds.virginia.gov
Ray, David 434-947-6871 434-947-2112 david.ray@dbhds.virginia.gov
Robinson, Dr. Carolyn 434-947-6871 434-947-2135 carolyn.robinson@dbhds.virginia.gov
Staton, Calvin 434-947-2258 434-947-2366 calvin.staton@dbhds.virginia.gov
Webb, Beverly 434-947-2258 434-947-2140 beverly.webb@dbhds.virginia.gov
Woodall, Ronnie 434-947-6696 434-947-2869 ronnie.woodall@dbhds.virginia.gov

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